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Custom Wordpress Development

ToDo Advisors offers the most creative and affordable WordPress development services to the clients all around the globe. Our custom WordPress developers simply design the most promising website that goes fine with your niche. ToDo Advisors follow a stringent process of design, development, deployment, testing and maintenance.

Minimal Expense

WordPress is an open source software. Open source software comes with the freedom for you to Use, Modify, Build and Redistribute the software in any way you would like without paying any fees to anyone. Many of WordPress features are free to use or cheap to purchase. With thousands of free plug-ins available it is one of the most cost-effective content management systems to use. The only cost involved with a Wordpress website is Hosting and a Domain name.
ToDo Advisors team helps in all the ways to save their customer's expenses towards their website and its maintenance.

User Friendly

WordPress has been designed to be used intuitively. Very little training is needed to enable people with no prior web design skills or knowledge to use it fully. Administrators with access to the WordPress CMS are easily able to add content pages, blog posts and images themselves without having to rely on their web designer/developers to do it for them. The administrative section is also designed in such a way that any layman could also be able to make required changes.
ToDo Advisors always helps their customers in case any feature is not clear or the customer face any issue understanding make changes on them.


WordPress is highly customizable in terms of its design and development of it's features. Designers have the option of using custom created themes to change how the front end of the website will look. The functionality features of WordPress also allow it to be customised in many ways. For example, calendars, video galleries and social feeds can all be added to a WordPress website using plugins.
ToDo Advisors developers are well versed with developing a custom Theme and custom plug-ins for their customers as per their requirements. These Themes and Plugins can easily be pluggable to any other wordpress website.

Access anywhere

As a cloud based CMS, WordPress can be accessed in any location as long as the user has access to the internet. This is ideal as it means the website can be updated and managed by almost anyone, anywhere! In addition to this, there are free Apps available for IOS and Android mobile devices.


Administrators with access to the CMS can add as many different users as they like and alter the access permissions for each user as required. Especially handy if you have members of staff that will be responsible for maintaining different aspects of the website.

Good for business

In terms of business use WordPress is a perfect base for your website. Ideal for start-ups and small businesses that require only a simple site and features, to begin with, WordPress has unlimited scalability potential. If necessary thousands of pages.

Flexible & Portable

As it is open-source, WordPress websites are highly portable meaning that you are not tied into a bespoke CMS with your web design agency. With thousands of developers skilled in using it around the world, there will always be somebody to help you develop your website further. and products can be added to WordPress without slowing it down. and titles, and insert images and galleries into your content. We have even added a few image editing tools you can have fun with.

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