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ToDo Advisors provide the best solution for UI/UX design development in India. We have an expert team of UI/UX designers who are well-versed with the trends in the market. They will make sure that the design is not only attractive but also user friendly.

ToDo Advisors provide the best solution for UI/UX design development in India. We have an expert team of UI/UX designers who are well-versed with the trends in the market. They will make sure that the design is not only attractive but also user friendly. Any website will get the highest views only if the customer gets the buying vibes from it. So, to make it that reachable, they will have to make their site attractive with the correct patterns and colors that can give a soothing effect to the site.

Creating a design that fits your business

In general, people judge a book by its cover. Although that shouldn't be tru but can't help it as people are in general feel the same. So first impression of your website gives a strong message to your customers about the kind of quality services they will get from you.

Your website is actually give your customers a trust factor to believe in your presence. Landing on your website will make sure that your customers start thinking about your business and that will be the first point towards getting more business.

We are making sure that your website has a consistany throuout your website to engage your customers and give them a positive experience. Even if you have a stablished brand, you should have a website to go long way.

Style Guide

Our main aim is to provide the best creative design in India. So, for this, we take the style guide approach. In this approach, we explore the areas that are going to use your product and come up with the type of audience. The website design will then depend on the class of the audience and what will allure them the most. Thus, the audience will feel homely when they would visit your site and might lead to more traffic. So, for that, we can provide the best UX designer in India from our team.

Having Simple Navigation or Modular Design

Now, the site needs to have user interface design along with creative design. So, we will make sure the design is not very complicated and the visitor can understand the navigations very easily. Many times, too many options in the menu can be harmful for the site because the visitors might not have time to explore things. So, the best way will be cover as much as possible in one page and the customer can go in detail only if they want to understand something in depth. Thus, we provides the best UI development in India that can help in making the site more feasible for the people.

We make your website in such a way that the customers can get the desigred information easily. They can navigate the website smoothly and find their required information. Simple and smooth navigation is the deman of any website to retain your customers on your website for sometime and get you some business.

Your website's navigation will have simple headings divided into product type, services, locations and/or other logical category type that make sense to your business. We can use dropdown menus below those headings with more categories (if necessary).

We will make sure that these categories/products are logically organized in such a way that makes it easy for your customers to determine which heading has the information they are looking for. Our team keeps on thinking like your audience as well and consider how they will look on these navigations if they want some information for a specific product or service and that's make it easy to do.

Integrating Responsive Design Layout

Today mostly people are using their mobile to browse your website but there are people who use Laptop, Desktop & Tablets as well. We make sure that we create the website which is multi device friendly and we do it by making the website Responsive. Responsive design adjusted to the device and its screen sizes and give your customers a better experience of your website irrespective of the device they use. There are buttons, links and images which need to be shown in a proper way across different devices and Responsive is the solution.

Using Visual Elements

It is better to show a beautiful image instead of writing a whole paragraph. People not tends to read a whole paragraphs, but they are interested to see a beautiful soothing image which gives them the information they are looking for and that makes your website different than others. We make sure that those images match with your brand theme. If you are interested, we can create some interactive videos as well and that will boost your conversion rate by 89%. Having videos/images can make people stay longer on your website and that will be good for your business.

Scanning the Readability

if you have good content on your website but the presentation is not good, people won't read your content. We are making sure that we maintain good contrast between the content and the background to stand out the content. We use the better Font and accurate Font Sizes for the content to be readable by your customers. A good readability of your content makes sure to engage your customers more on your website.

Including Social Media Links

Adiing social media profiles on your website is making sure that your website is gaining more popularity. These social media platforms are an easy way to earn followers. We can have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and any other social media platform you are into. Including these social media is actually expanding your area for your customers to reach you.

Having Strong Call to Action

Calls to Actions (CTAs) are what directing your visitors to become a customers. These are actually business generating tools. We make sure that at the end of every page we must have a clear directive with customer's interest. Imagine if we have a very interesting page but after reaching at the end of the page, the customers are likely to leave the page if they don't see where to go next to reach you.

By having relevant CTA on every page, we are telling your visitors what the next step is. We are directing them to either visit another page or sign up for an email list or contact your business. This gives your business the power to guide your leads in the right direction and that's the beauty of CTAs.


Apart from giving the giving the best design and interface, we would also take all your requirements into considerations. If you want a particular design then you will get the same platform along with some modifications from our side. We will also provide with the statistics that can help you in understanding the trending designs based on the demand. Also, we will make sure that the design does not hinder with the main activity of the site.

We, at To Do Advisors, believe in providing the best possible solutions for all your problems even after handing over the project. Thus, we will provide maintenance at any time.

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