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Are you a Designer? Painter? Singer? Dancer? Photographer?

Let us make a right portfolio website for you. A good quality website increases your chance of being hired.

The first step to launching your career as a professional is to have a website to showcase your talent. In this Digital Era, Any prospect customer, who is looking for your services is searching it on the internet. It’s all about your online presence today.

Does your Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest have enough followers? Do you have a footprint on every social media and are you taking up every marketing opportunity out there? Having just a portfolio with a gallery of your images online is not the perfect way to go about it. But if you want people to take you seriously and establish yourself as a credible photographer, creating a website is definitely the right way. It is the one place you can showcase the best of your work. You don’t have any other place where people can come and see your work and decide if they want to hire you. So your website becomes more important to showcase all about your services.

Seeing your website is the first experience that a client has with you, without ever meeting or talking to you. It is a place where you can infuse your personality, draw the client in with the way you present your brand (That’s You). It’s also a place where you can showcase your achievements and testimonials from previous clients. A place for a potential customer to contact you and find your contact details.

Now obviously landing up on your website doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be hired. So what makes the difference? You might certainly be a great Painter/photographer/Designer/Dancer/Singer, but does your website reflect that? A good website can make that difference between getting hired and the client moving on.

Image Quality and Portfolio

This is the most important thing on your website. Your portfolio would be kind of your resume and it needs to be a curation of your best works. When someone look at your website, this is the one thing that will make the decision for them to hire you. So be harsh while selecting which pictures to display on your website. Don’t feel compelled to put up every photo, ignore your favourite ones and critically examine and choose your work. Select the kind of pictures that display your strength and style. A small curation of outstanding pictures is way better than a large number of average photos. When a potential client visits your website, they should find your best work. Also, you need to keep on updating your website portfolio frequently. This is the best place to showcase your latest work and talent.

Keep it uncluttered and easy to navigate

Whatever design layout you choose, ensure that it is clean and uncluttered. Nothing distracts more than many things happening on a screen. Pick a design that focuses on what you want your customers to see first. Your website represents you, so whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personality and your brand (It’s You).

Keep the navigation simple and easy to follow, so that your customers can flow smoothly from your home page to portfolio to about page and eventually to your contact info. But don’t clutter the navigation bar, restrict the options on it to 5-6 navigation buttons. We also suggest keeping the navigation pattern consistent and in the same place throughout the website so as to keep it familiar and obvious to a visitor.

Get your website fast and mobile friendly

There is nothing worse than a potential customer reaching your website, but moving away, because it took long time to load. We use different tools to make sure that your website loads faster. Websites that are light and faster to load ranks better on Google and all other search engines.

Google also ranks up websites that are optimised for mobile phones. We ensure that your website design is mobile friendly and helps rank better in search engine results.


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