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Information Gathering:

Initially, we do a all information gathering with a good understanding of the project and the idea behind it. We do a few round of meetings with our clients and check for the Target Market, Geo Location etc.

Research & Strategy:

On the basis of our gathered information, We make customized content strategies that will be designed to maximize the conversions. We discuss our research with clients make them aware of. These are the keys to make an effective user interface and identify the appropriate user experience.

Design & Development:

We first create a prototype and work very closely with our clients to make it fully illustrate the proposed work. After a few round of revisions, prototypes would be ready to meet all the goals we set to achieve. Developers will follow the Prototype to get the project ready within stipulated time.

Quality Analysis:

Our Quality Analysis team checks the completed project with the project scope and make sure to it follows everything which was mentioned there. Quality Control team also do checks for all kind of validations, inserting dummy content to make sure the project should be bug-free.

Deployment & Launch:

This is the day, we’re eagerly waiting to come and are exited to finish the project and make it live. We deploy the code on the client’s server and do all necessary changes and we are available to public now. HURRAY !!

Maintenance & Support:

A successful Project will always need its Maintenance and we will be there to Support. We plan a meeting to do the seamless transition share the administrative section knowledge and other necessary training.

Content Writing

Content Writing is a skill based career. There is no specialized degree or course in the field of Content Writing. Not all writers have Literature Background. But a bachelor's degrees in Journalism, English or Mass Communication, are the recommended degrees to become a Content Writer. People who have the art of expressing their thoughts in words can become good content writers. To become an effective content writer, you need to write regularly.

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