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A Growth Enabler

TODO provides complete marketing consulting for businesses of all sizes and domains.

Role of Marketing For A Business

A business grows and objectives are met when the offerings and promises are delivered to a customer. This is predominantly done by all the internal stakeholders including owners, employees, vendors , shareholders and others that are related to business and thus combined a brand identity is formed.A brand identity has similar life stages as a human being has. From an ideation stage to a full fledged business brand, it needs similar support that a child needs to be a grown up person. For a business to grow in startup and growth stage, sales numbers are like the most important feed and sales in turn requires the support of effective marketing. It is marketing as a function that leads to the initial connect with the external stakeholders and thus helps customers to take a decision to choose..

What is TODO?

A Marketing Outsourcing service for startups and growth stage companies with a vision to service in an affordable and effective manner. Marketing function is one of the best assets for a company but can be a liability if not managed well. This in turn puts pressure on the business rather bringing convenience. With TODO, companies can get access to high level marketing professionals as Chief of Marketing to manage the marketing related activities. Our teams follow a LEO ideology (Loyalty, Empathy & Ownership) to perform the following functions:
  1. Communication – External/Internal
  2. Brand Management
  3. PR Management
  4. Strategic Alliances – Business Associations
  5. Content & Knowledge Management

Our Work

A professional from TODO Advisors comes at a nominal monthly fixed fee to perform:
  1. Strategic thinking of all marketing related activities that a business may need. This is agreed upon with the senior management team and is worked upon and reviewed rigorously.
  2. Execution :
    1. Creatives
    2. Business Presentation/Deck/Product
    3. Online Assets – Website, APPS, Social Media
    4. Content – Knowledge Article
(The frequency of mandays and delivery is discussed basis the business need. The fee is usually 1/5th of a Full Time CMO)

How Can We Help

We provide all marketing support that a business may need.


Looking for an expansion to have a Chief Of Marketing in a cost and time effective manner. Ask us.

Personal Brand

Get your personal brand developed.

Brand Solutions

End To End Implementation of your Brand.

Business Story Telling

Investor Pitches, Sales Presentations, Slide Decks, Annual Reports and what all a business needs to narrate it’s story.

Business Enhancement

Create effective sales team with TODO Learning Solutions- Sales Process Training, Presentation Skills and Leadership Programs.

Digital Solutions

New age Digital solutions to stay ahead.

Find Solutions To Anything Related To Market Your Business.

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